John Tu

Seiya Okabe

Emma Roberts

Time Frame

3 weeks


Conceptual scheming 

Wireframe & Layout

UX/UI Designer

User testing

Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator




Outsee App

Uncover an enhanced  way of travelling, discovery and planning with OUTSEE the event finder app that feeds into the wanderlust in all of us, all with the tap of a button.


Project Background

OUTSEE promotes mobility and efficiency as the intention is to reduce the stress of planning a night out and emphasize the joy of discovering new places to eat, explore and experience. Finding local and global venues to visit becomes easier when users can create a personalized list of favourite places and share with their friends.



We wanted to create a platform where people can find new places and share them with their friends, with the ultimate goal of getting people out and about. The app's personality is designed to get people excited about learning and discovering new places, whether close to home or far away.

The target audience, although open to anyone of any age or gender, is mostly attributed towards young adults or those frequently travelling to new places and keen on discovering the areas around them. The style of the application is very bright, clean and fun which creates a welcoming atmosphere.



& Identity

The OUTSEE name is a play-on word of OUT (going out) and SEE (sight-seeing). The logo consists of the letter “O” for OUTSEE coming off the composition to represent the action of going out. The simple two tone colour scheme allows the logo to be displayed in multiple variations on any background.

The stylized graphics follow the same format of the rest of the app using geometric shapes, rounded corners and similar colour palette. The intention is to reinforce the idea that this app is not just a tool for functionality but also a form of entertainment.




Journey Map



Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App



Outsee App
Outsee App

Toggle feature between different paged on discover page.

Buttons become coloured in when selected.

Horizontal and vertical scrolling


Outsee App
Outsee App

Button animation.

Icon rotates when selected leading to pop up screen.



Outsee App

Normal screen

Outsee App

Share button

Outsee App

3D touch



Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App
Outsee App



Being my first time designing an app and user testing, I learned an abundance of user testing techniques that are actually effective for an apps usability and productivity. 


From coming up with the app concept to user testing and designing, I learned that the key importance of good design goes further than the aesthetics. Every small detail that we needed to consider would change the context and ultimately, the success of the app. For instance when user testing our initial prototype, things such as the buttons we used, the way our pages flow and micro-interactions we thought out would make or break our app.

Understanding who the target audience was along with what things they look for in a travel discovery app goes beyond the formal user testing session. In fact user testing goes beyond a scheduled test date as I found valuable information from the users after we ended the test. The discussion and reflection of the app contributed heaps to the actual revisions we made. 

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