Package Design



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Time Frame

4 weeks

Programs Used

Adobe Suite

“Tu Yu” is a brand for stationary and gift wrapping where the main motive is to ensure that the presentation of any given gift is special and memorable. “Tu Yu” is a play on words of the phrase “to you” using my last name. The repackage of the classic “Red Packet” 紅包 also known as the hóngbāo(Mandarin); lì xì(Vietnamese); or li xi (Cantonese) becomes a special transaction just as the gift itself. The way red packets are already package lack the promising kismet that the actual red packets entail, thus creating a reusable box that stores the packets in a unique way. The product is contained in a box inspired by bread boxes with a curved lid enclosing all contents safely and securely, all made from sustainable materials that is portable, user-friendly, and reusable. 


The story of the red packet dates back to ancient Sung Dynasty where the red pouch filled with money was gifted as a token of good fortune to the brave young orphan who warded off the evil demon that terrorized his village, hence making red the symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. In modern times, it is more common for South East Asian cultures use the red packets during special moments of celebration such as weddings, graduations, baby showers, and Lunar New Year. 


Demonstrating the beauty of gift giving, Tu Yu introduces traditions from South Eastern Asian countries to Western culture. The Red Packet emphasizes  the gracious action of passing good luck and wishing good fortune.


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