I'm John!

I am a multifaceted designer who comes from a fine arts background with a high degree of technical creative skills and design thinking. I have a keen mind that lends itself to multiple practices including illustration, user centered design and more tactile approaches & methodologies that ultimately result in something special.


A day full of variety and unpredictability is what I yearn for especially being the type to bounce around different types of work. My experience in print, branding, motion, as well as video & film production allows me to pick up different skills and apply them on the fly.


Demonstrating curiosity and drive from the array of skills I’ve picked up from trades outside of design, I find that I am able to grow and adapt to the constant change and innovation that the industry needs. My unique personal and professional perspective allows me to produce work that is not only logical but empathetic to target audiences. I strongly believe that the future of work comes from diversity and uniqueness from all sorts of backgrounds, skills, and ideologies.


Feel welcomed to reach out and connect with me!