I'm John!

My personal way-finding to pursuing design as a practice begins with my early stages of creativity and art. I’ve always had a strong desire to be unique with everything I would do. I have always been an illustrator and continue to practice that skill since it’s something that genuinely makes me happy.


The arts was where I consistently strived and have since gotten most recognition for it. I think when it came down to thinking of career options, my parents and I had a mutual understanding what was right for me. I knew that my talents were exponentially special which I couldn’t let go to waste, which is why I continued to keep self expression and creative outlets as a perpetual practice.


Other designers may have found design through technical links but I approached design with a more conceptual perspective. I think I was meant to contribute to the creative industry and design has been one of the first outlets that allows me to do that.


Feel welcomed to reach out and connect with me!

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