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John's skill set ranges from typography, layout, Illustration, editorial/print, web, digital marketing, and video production. His work "RISK" has received honourable mention for the RGD student Polyester Award for Motion Design in 2020. Read article here.


Demonstrating curiosity and drive from the array of skills John is able to adapt to the constant change and innovation that the industry needs. His unique personal perspective allows him to produce work that is not only logical but considerate to target audiences. John believes that the future of work will thrive from diversity and uniqueness from all sorts of backgrounds, skills, and ideologies.

John Graduated with a BA in Design at York University/Sheridan College. His work experience comes from being a Designer at CPA Canada, Design Assistant at Schulich School of Business as well as various freelance projects. 

Currently searching for design opportunities!

John is a multifaceted designer with a strong background in fine arts, demonstrating a high degree of technical creative skills and design thinking.





Illustration & Graphics

Presentation Decks

Event Booth Design

Video Production & Editing

Blog Management

Social Media

Email Design

Web Design

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